World Naked Bike Ride #Toronto #WNBR2015

The World Naked Bike Ride Toronto is one of my favourite events to go to, the energy around these people is so positive it’s impossible not to feel it.

Not that I see anything wrong with the nudity, but I don’t want to offend any of my readers, so I have strategically blurred areas. I a supporter of the “Free the Nipple movement, I think North America needs to loosen up, life is too short.

Caution some of the links lead  to sites with adult content, click with caution.


Although my clothes stay on , I feel the power of freedom. Yet another reason I love this city and the nation I live in.

WNBR_2015-29 WNBR_2015-16

Many onlookers don’t know what’s going on, all they see is about 100 naked people in the park hanging around bikes.

What’s this all about? Many ask as they do they sign of the cross. I even heard a man say the world is coming to an end, I highly doubt that a group of people in their birthday suits is going to cause the end of our existence. Others ask the nude bikers to pose for photos, like I said the energy is so positive and funand infectious.

WNBR_2015-23 WNBR_2015-32

So, what’s this about?  It’s about raising awareness about our dependency on oil and other fossil fuels as well as raising public awareness  for bike safety.

Why do this demonstration naked?  It’s about how vulnerable cyclists are and nothing spells vulnerability like being in public naked. Click here for more info

WNBR_2015-33 WNBR_2015-34

WNBR_2015-36 WNBR_2015-45

So what goes on at this event?

It starts at Coronation Park in Toronto (Lakeshore Blvd W & Strachan Ave) where everyone gathers for body painting and photo opportunities as well as catching up with bikers of past rides.  Then the ride goes through the city, stopping at Queen’s Park for a break and then off to Nathan Phillips Square to interact with tourists and many Torontoians who had no idea this even happens and finally it ends at the Center Island ferry docks.

WNBR_2015-10 WNBR_2015-26

WNBR_2015-28 WNBR_2015-37

WNBR_2015-11 WNBR_2015-35

WNBR_2015-12 WNBR_2015-13

It’s like any other gathering at the park, socializing, laughing, petting dogs and posing naked with people…

WNBR_2015-14 WNBR_2015-17

WNBR_2015-20 WNBR_2015-19

WNBR_2015-25 WNBR_2015-24

There were bubbles and superheros too.

WNBR_2015-42 WNBR_2015-43

Someone missed the memo, A bit over dressed?

Joking aside, Toronto’s finest popped by to see if all was going well. No troubles they too had a few laughs with the naked protesters. I just love well behaved cops! I am continually impressed by the men and women who protect our streets.


The beautiful Raymi of Raymi the Minx blog  reported for Naked News, she was awesome!

Looking for her name online I found her blog, I love it.

WNBR_2015 -11 WNBR_2015 -10

Safety First!, Sunblock was necessary on this sunny day.


Lots of bikes ready for the ride,  but they’ll have to wait for their riders as their are posing for the many photographers.There were almost as many camera warriors as there were naked riders.

WNBR_2015-18 WNBR_2015-21


WNBR_2015-46 WNBR_2015-38

WNBR_2015-39 WNBR_2015-44

A couple of weeks ago I reported on the movie being shot on Yonge street, today it’s about the hundreds of naked cyclist streaking down the same road that Batman will be chasing the joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

WNBR_2015-50 WNBR_2015-49

Here are a few more shots I took at Nathan Phillips Square. Agin, I hope this post didn’t offend anyone, if so, I apologize

Having said, that I will report on interesting, unique and outrageous events.I happen to come across.

I will conclude this post with a quote from Raymi the Minx “One life my friends. You got to live it.”

WNBR_2015-51 WNBR_2015-55


WNBR_2015-57 WNBR_2015-54

WNBR_2015-53 WNBR_2015-56



This weekend, tattoo show and The MMVAs.


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