Victoria Day Speedfest 2015 #CTMP

Well there is so much to report on the Victoria Day Speedfest that took place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville this weekend. This is a great event to start the summer off on the right track. This is fun for every one of all ages. I witnessed smiles on every man, woman and child and from the very young to the more experienced humans.

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-19 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-17

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-28 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-21

This event allows for camping or return trips to the park, the ticket is good for the weekend. Since it’s only an hour and a bit from Toronto, I went on Saturday evening and watched a race and stayed for the fireworks. I returned  Sunday early morning as the races began at 8am. If you want to enjoy some adult beverages, then pitch a tent or for the more fancy campers RVs are also welcome. The camp site is on a first come first served basis and you can pretty much camp anywhere around the track, so viewing the races can be dome from your campsite.

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-29

I guess they ditched the mode of transportation for a much faster mode.

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-18

The faster mode:

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-24


At a hockey game you get a puck, here is a bigger souvenir

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-31

anyone see my tire, I left it somewhere…

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-22

There is an area with party inflatables that the young enjoy and we older folks want to try.  That’s not all, How about grown men who would call CAA if they had a flat on the road, but this weekend they attempt to change tires on a NASCAR like the pit crew. All I’m going to say is it didn’t look anything like the stuff I saw in the pits.

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-16

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-14 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-15

Of course there are good eats as well, This time around we brought a BBQ and sat down for some homemade burgers. The mobile Beer Store is readily available should your libations run out. Could happen…

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-33

Listen folks, I can’t express enough how cool this event is. I am not a car guy or a race fan, I don’t know what type of car or who’s driving it. This is a great Canadian event at our door step, get there next year, enjoy the loudness of the cars, the smell of new tires ripping on the pavement or enjoy the smell of the ribs slowly cooking to perfection, hear the laughter coming from the families and friend celebrating life on the MAY24 weekend. See you next year!

Here are a couple of photos that I hope illustrate some of the goings on at Victoria Day Speedfest

Please stay tuned for  many more photos, including cars and races and of course candid shots of people at this event.

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-25 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-27

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-30 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-13

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-35 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-36

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-34 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-12

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-38 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-10

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-37 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-11

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-20 Victoria Day Superfest 2015-23

Gone but not forgotten, RIP Paul Walker

Victoria Day Superfest 2015-32

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