Valentin Perla Blanca Resort

Valentin Perla Blanca resort is located in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba. First thing you must know is that the plane will land in Santa Clara Cuba and it will be a one hour and forty minute bus ride to the resort along a roadway which includes a 45 minute ride across the ocean on a causeway. The resort is very beautiful and very large as well. My wife and I have gone to a much smaller resort in the past and found this one way too big. Golf cart shuttles are available to cart you around the resort. In fact I found too much traffic along is pretty paths. Click here for photo albums

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-11 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-15

The grounds were very well taken care of and kept clean.

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-17 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-10

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-11 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-12

There are two resorts attached to one another, two sets of everything. The pool area was very large and quite pleasing to the eyes. The 24 hour restaurant was in the pool area as well.

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-60 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-28

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-29 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-31

Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-43 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-48

The beach was spectacular! I will be posting more beach photos at a later date.


For more photos of the resort click here





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