UG BeachWOD 2015 #wasaga #ugseries

Wasaga Beach area #1 was over taken by a whole lot of fit individuals. I witnessed people running, swimming, climbing, jumping… and all over again. They had to go around the obstacle course a couple of times.

This event is called UG Series – BeachWod

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UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-6929 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-6965

This was really exciting to watch and a whole lot of fun. Kudos to all who participated, you rock!!!!!

UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-6978 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7265

UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7095 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-6999

UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7255 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7239


UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7497 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7495


UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7494 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7365

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