Toronto Santa Speedo Run 2015 #TSSR15 #Torontoevents

Once again the streets in Yorkville hosted the Toronto Santa Speedo Run. This is an annual event that I look forward to for a few reasons.

  • First and foremost I want to support the Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids). My Son wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for that hospital and my daughter too saw care from Sick Kids and today both are well.
  • Second is that I want to support anyone who wants to participate in any of these types of charity events.
  • Third, I love the colours. I love to shoot these photos and capture the sea of red  speedos runing down the street on a cold day in December.

This year was a bit warmer then the last couple but, It was too cold for speedos.

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-74 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-73

Along Bloor St carolers filled the street with songs of peace and joy, while steps behind was a mob of speedo runners.

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-47 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-48

The meeting place and starting point is Hemingway’s Restaurant .

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-19 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-26

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-24 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-25

The guy who started the Toronto Chapter leads of the run and gives interviews to encourage more donations and  speedo runners.

Click here to see the entire photo album.

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-38 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-112

For the dog lovers, check out this pooch’s Holiday Spirit


The staff at the Yorkville Lululemon participated in the event as well. Here they pose for photos in front of the store

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-11 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-10

A sample of what’s in the album

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-40 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-73

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-30 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-80

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