Toronto Polar Bear Dip #daretodip

As I have mentioned before I love starting out my year joining and supporting the Toronto Polar Bear Dip. Hundreds of dippers raise money for Habitat for Humanity and then plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Ontario. Although this year was the mildest temperature I seen at the dip, it’s still too cold.

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-14 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-12

In fact I have gone in the water there in the summer and it was too cold for me. So once again my role is to donate and document. As many dippers wait in line to register for the dip their supporters gather under portable heaters or grab some food and warm beverages.

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-17 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-16

At high noon dippers and the cold waters will battle it out, but in the meantime socializing and photo taking take place. Some dip in very little while others dress up for the occasion.

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-33 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-13

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-20 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-21

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-22 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-23

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-24 Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-27

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Even Aquaman showed up for the occasion.


Along with my wife and I brought my friend who will be 83 in August, he had never seen the Polar Bear dip. Manuel had a good chuckle and said  “They’re Nuts”.

Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-10 ROG_9907 (Custom)

A few minutes before the dip, dippers disrobe and gather inside the roped off area. Organizers heed warnings and suggestions on how to get warm faster after the dip. Some jog on the spot while others hug themselves and mouth profanities to themselves. The anticipation gets my heart beating and I am almost as excited as those about to freeze their butts off.

Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-15 Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-16

Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-17 Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-20

Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-21 Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-10

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