Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2015 #daretodip

This year marked Toronto Polar Bear Dip‘s 10th Anniversary. Over 600 dippers got pledges for Habitat for Humanity and made this the largest year ever for the organizers and raising over  $60,000.

Click her for all my polar bear dip photos

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-16TO_Polar_Dip_2015-29 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-28

This winter has been pretty mild but all that changed new year’s eve. Temperatures plummeted overnight to the season chill of -9C  and the winds were between  60-70 km/hr. The theme and “Hash Tag” for this event was #daretodip

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-17 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-15

Along with the brave dippers were the dedicated photographers and media. Most of the photographers like myself were there for the fun of  starting the new year capturing people celebrating life and giving to a great cause. Here are my friends James and Joe Hamilton of  The Toronto Grand Prix Tourist Blog (bookmark it, it’s a great blog) Click here to see their coverage of the event.

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-27 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-26

other dedicated and very cold photogs


I don’t know how these people do it, but they do.

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-35 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-36TO_Polar_Dip_2015-41


Trying to stay as warm as possible seconds before the plunge.


after the plunge “Scramble for heat”

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-63 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-55 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-57

Friends and loved ones help dry off and dress the dripping wet before they get hypothermia.

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-70 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-69


Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties with my camera, and I missed most of the chilling action. I think my camera froze or something as it wouldn’t fire properly. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Still it managed to fire off a few.

Click her for all my polar bear dip photos

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