#Toronto Pillow Fight 2015 #Pillowfightday

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Once a year hundreds of pillow fighters emerge at Nathan Phillips Square for the annual pillow fight. The fierce battle takes place in front of Toronto’s City Hall just before the clock tower’s bell strikes three o’clock. Men, women and children pounded one another for hours or as long as the pillows remained intact.

During International Pillow Fight Day, April 4th 2015

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-36 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-33

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-34 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-35

Pillows were flying everywhere

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-14 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-12 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-13

The carnage was all over Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto’s finest stood nearby watching hundreds participate in this attack. The interesting thing about this epic battle was everyone was having a great time. Laughter and screams filled the square as well as great music provided by Indie 88FM.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-24 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-25

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-23 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-15

All in all it was a fun time, besides a few hair do’s getting wrecked and the odd pillow exploding in mid-air Toronto once again hosts a fun event for everyone. I would like to personally thank all those who participated and the organizers who put this event together and those who had to clean up the pillow butchery.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-82 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-38

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-40 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-42

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-51 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-54

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-73 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-74

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-102 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-64

The signs of fatigue were present in many when I quit at 5 pm.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-63 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-105

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-104 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-67

A little pause for their loved one, I just had to it was so romantic.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-69  TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-68

Do let their cuteness fool you the were fierce pillow warriors.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-86  TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-98

Game faces on!

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-81  TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-90

What would a battle be without bubbles?


Thank you to the organizers. Below is one of them


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