Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2016

Last week Toronto was host to Fashion Week once again. Many photographers hang around Pecaut Square and shoot the fashionably dress folks going to the numerous runway shows. Only a few accredited photographers can get to shoot the actual fashion show, they rest of us get to shoot the candid street action.

TFWk_Full_Body_2016-20 TFWk_Full_Body_2016-15

This woman instructed us to shoot the back of the dress because it “made the dress” as she put it.

TFWk_Full_Body_2016-11 TFWk_Full_Body_2016-10

Everyone has their own style or lack of style, These guys are trying to put some colour to the grey streets of Toronto as Winter comes to an end.

TFWk_Full_Body_2016-27 TFWk_Full_Body_2016-26

These ladies also want to turn Pleasantville into a colour show.

TFWk_Full_Body_2016-75 TFWk_Full_Body_2016-28

Anyway so much fashion so little time, click here to see the first photo album from the spring fashion week



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