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It’s evident that the Holiday Shopping season is underway, parking lots at all shopping centres are overflowing with vehicles.

Toronto’s largest Shopping Centre is no different, thousands of shoppers stroll through the halls and into 230 retailers, restaurants and services.

The Northern section of the Eaton Centre was opened in February 1977 and the Southern section opened in August 1979.

It was a marvel then and still remains a place one must visit.

Many tourists from around the world shop there along with the locals. It’s located in the centre of the downtown surrounded by many other attractions.

Each year at this time, it gets additions to remind folks of the Holiday spirit.

Eaton Centre-16Eaton Centre-12Eaton Centre-13Eaton Centre-24

As you walk through the halls you can’t help but see  large reindeer.

Eaton Centre-25 Eaton Centre-22 Eaton Centre-24

A large Christmas tree towers over everything else in the main hallway. Unfortunately theses were taken a week ago and the tree wasn’t up yet.

I will post the tree soon as I can.


Across the street, the stag shop offered real life models to help you choose something a little naughty.

Eaton Centre-10


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