Tiffany Falls, Hamilton #nature

Here’s the first of my nature walks postings, I will be featuring places you can visit if you’re looking to have a walk in the woods and or take some photos of waterfalls or natural landscape. Check out my “places” page  for more destinations. This is Tiffany Falls in Hamilton Ontario. There are about 20 parking spots for cars and parking is free of charge.

Tiffany Falls-31 Tiffany Falls-34

A short walk to the waterfalls along a scenic trail with wood bridges crossing over a creek.

 Tiffany Falls-14 Tiffany Falls-22

Unfortunately do to a very dry spring and summer there is very little water in the creek and certainly a very limited amount draping the waterfalls. This is still a very pretty walk in the in the woods.

 Tiffany Falls-48 Tiffany Falls-41

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area in Hamilton Ontario
Google maps  and  GPS Coordinates: 43.239526, -79.958689

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