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As I’ve mentioned before, my favourite part of Tiff is meeting people, today on my first outing I meet a tourist from South Korea, Younggyu Yoo ( Patrick Yoo) He is taking a year off between high school and college and he picked the right time to come to Toronto.  Today he asked what we were waiting for, he stayed and we talked for over two hours waiting for Natalie Portman. He was so excited to have seen her and a few others that attended the opening Soi-ree. He snapped proof  on his iphone and was going to brag to his friends back home. A super nice guy in a super city stargazing at some superstars.

Natalie Portman  whisked her tiny figure by the crowd way too fast and furious, leaving many disappointed. She didn’t sign autographs or pose for any photos with fans. However she spent 15- 20 minutes posing for the press. Maybe the press will buy enough DVDs or enough of them will see her movies that she doesn’t need her fans. She dropped a few notches in my book today.

This is the best I could do



If you’ve watched the hit show Flashpoint then  you would have loved Amy-Jo Johnson, she played a sweet women who could kick some serious butt when she needed to. This supper talented actor was surprised when I asked her for her photo, she smiled and began goofing around for me, all the other photographers jumped on the Amy -Jo bandwagon  and she continued he playfulness.

ROG_7074 ROG_7077



This was the highlight of my night, Canadian Actor Patrick J. Adams of the hit show Suits , whom by the way had every woman on King Street in a trance, it was so funny to watch female in awe of this handsome man. Anyway he is leaving the Tiff Lightbox with his companion both holding their respective “Roots” loot bags from the event. When he reaches in and gives a photographer to my left a wallet and hands me a black box from the bag. “I don’t know what it is but its yours” then he hands my wife the bag. Super nice guy posed for my shot and then headed down King with his companion and disappeared into the Toronto night.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrick J. Adams (Born in Toronto)

ROG_7034 Patrick J. Adams

His gift to me, a pair of Tiff.40 Soi-ree cuff-links.




If this is any indication of my next 10 days, I’m going to have amazing memories I will cherish forever.

One day, CandidToronto photographer/blogger will be on the red carpet too, but I will stop, pose and sign for all my fans.




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