Thousands kicked out of Church #CMTmusicfest

A few yelled out “Rain or Shine!!!” but it was neither raining nor shining.

After weeks of heat and humidity and very little rain, Mother Nature wasn’t about to miss the CMT Music fest. Ten minutes before Kip Moore was to hit the stage an announcement was made asking everyone to evacuate the festival and to stand by for further instructions. Most festival goers in the usual Canadian manner obeyed without resistance. Others were confused why we had to leave the ground and be corralled like cattle on top of the hill.  Many were heartbroken and extremely saddened by this event. I overheard a story about a man who drove from Timmons to see Eric Church and his ears were headed back without hearing those sweet tunes.

CMT Music Fest 2016-12 CMT Music Fest 2016-10

Many stories like that, some from Barrie another from Sudbury and the story goes on.  Don’t think the CMT organizers were exempt for that heartbreak, months of planning and a lot of hard work that went along with it.  I wouldn’t want to have been in their shoes last night having to make that call.  I along with hundreds sat in the parking lot in the rain waiting for Church, many figured Kip Moore was going to scratched but we could get in a shorter version of Eric Church’s concert.

CMT Music Fest 2016-22 CMT Music Fest 2016-14 CMT Music Fest 2016-15 CMT Music Fest 2016-17 CMT Music Fest 2016-18 CMT Music Fest 2016-19

When the rain stopped and the sunset lit up the sky cheers were be heard and many ran back into the entertainment area. Quickly and abruptly Kitchener Police yelled “Stop!” and slammed the gates shut. Once again hundreds of wet and shivering bodies were corralled behind eight foot fences and a wall of police and security. Many of us were wondering why we had to be searched again. This stalemate lasted another 20 minutes.

CMT Music Fest 2016-27 CMT Music Fest 2016-28 CMT Music Fest 2016-25 CMT Music Fest 2016-26

Police officers yelled into the crowd “We are in a holding pattern at the moment” No shit, Sherlock, we’ve been in the corralled pattern for an hour.  Then we noticed the large stage screens boot up and what sounded like a sound check followed by an announcement that Friday’s event was officially cancelled. Here’s a selfie I took after the announcement through a cellphone waterproof bag.   Me and some of the crowd that waited in the rain. No Kip Moore or Eric church just wet heartbroken fans lined up for the shuttle bus ride back to their cars.

CMT Music Fest 2016-10-2

CMT and staff did a great job throughout this ordeal and really pulled out all the stops to make sure all the fans got back to their cars safely, so many busses!

I will be posting the photos from great performances that took place just before the storm, including highlights from the final performance before the storm Andrew Hyatt and his band. Stay tuned folks much more fun pics on the way.


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