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"Scarlett Grande Revue" Teaser

Everything To Do With Sex Show (Toronto) Photos by: Kirill Kovaldin
REG_3263.JPG REG_3324.JPG REG_3109.JPG REG_2903.JPG REG_2889.JPG REG_2908.JPG REG_3124.JPG REG_3482.JPG REG_3364.JPG REG_2907.JPG

IlluminAir Entertainment - Fetish Show

Everything To Do With Sex Show (Toronto) Photos by: Kirill Kovaldin
REG_2680.JPG REG_2847.JPG REG_2711.JPG REG_2602.JPG REG_2484.JPG REG_2454.JPG REG_2497.JPG REG_2800.JPG REG_2799.JPG REG_2811.JPG

ComiCon 2016 - Half Body Shots

Half body shots also known as "Cowboy Shots"
ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-31.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-44.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-35.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-51.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-22.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-13.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-56.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-11.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-15.jpg ComiCon_2016_Half_body Shots-41.jpg

ComiCon 2016 - Full Body

Here's a look at the full body shots of the cosplyers attending Toronto ComiCon 2016.
ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-86.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-67.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-31.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-44.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-35.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-51.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-22.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-13.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-81.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-56.jpg

Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show 2016

Everything you want to know about outdoor adventures and Travel in one place. Great show with excellent exhibitors and demonstrations.
Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-76.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-35.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-51.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-40.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-59.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-24.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-15.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-63.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-13.jpg Outdoor_ Adventure_Show_2016-17.jpg

Cosplayers of FanExpo 2015

If you find yourself in these photos send me an email if you want your photo.
Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-86.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-67.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-31.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-44.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-35.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-51.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-22.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-13.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-81.jpg Cosplayers_FanExpo_2015-56.jpg

The Cars of Importfest Toronto 2015

Importfest Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Aug 22, 2015.
Cars_Importfest_2015-67.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-31.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-44.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-35.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-51.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-22.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-13.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-81.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-56.jpg Cars_Importfest_2015-11.jpg

Anime North 2015 _Cosplayers

In this album you will find cosplayers I was lucky enough to have captured at Anime North 2015. Trust me when I tell you there were tons I didn't get. Thank you to all those who posed for me, love your costumes. A special shout out to those of you who made your costumes, they are amazing! As always, if you want your pic in high resolution, send me an email.
Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-88.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-69.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-31.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-44.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-35.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-184.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-53.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-22.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-137.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-167.jpg

Carnage Vs Spiderman

Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you see yourself and want a copy, just let me know.
ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-31.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-44.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-35.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-22.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-13.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-11.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-15.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-41.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-40.jpg ComicCon_2015_Carnage_ Vs_ Spiderman-42.jpg

ComiCon 2015 - Half Body Shots

Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you see yourself and want a copy, just let me know.
ComicCon_2015_Half_body-31.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-44.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-35.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-51.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-22.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-13.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-56.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-11.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-15.jpg ComicCon_2015_Half_body-41.jpg

Comicon 2015 -Full Body Shots

Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you see yourself and want a copy, just let me know.
ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-97.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-78.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-32.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-55.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-36.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-62.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-22.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-13.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-47.jpg ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-92.jpg

The Faces of Comicon 2015

Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you see yourself and want a copy, just let me know.
ComicCon_2015_Faces-34.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-47.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-38.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-54.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-22.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-13.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-11.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-15.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-44.jpg ComicCon_2015_Faces-43.jpg

Sexapalooza Toronto 2015

As Fifty Shades of Grey tops the box office, it is clear that couples desire more than vanilla sex. If you’re a couple in love, passionate and what to have a great time then head down to the International Centre this weekend for Sexapalooza. If you don’t know what Fifty of Gray or vanilla sex is then you really need to go down to this show. It’s not what you think, this is an adult event that inspires and showcases idea, props and clothing to help couples of all ages spice up their love life. It’s a tasteful but sexy event that allows every one of every comfort level to have a great time. Many vendors are available to answer any questions you may have, seminars are packed with couples who want to learn everything they can to put the biggest smile on their loved one’s face. What do I expect to see at the show? He’s a glimpse of what I shot at the Toronto Sexapalooza 2015
Sexapalooza_2015 (17).jpg Toronto_Burlesque_Sexapalooza_2015 (33).jpg Dirty_Dancing_Sexapalooza_2015 (51).jpg A Little Bit of Bling_Sexapalooza_2015 (12).jpg A Little Bit of Bling_Sexapalooza_2015 (8).jpg A Little Bit of Bling_Sexapalooza_2015 (16).jpg Toronto_Burlesque_Sexapalooza_2015 (73).jpg Dirty_Dancing_Sexapalooza_2015 (58).jpg Toronto_Burlesque_Sexapalooza_2015 (56).jpg Toronto_Burlesque_Sexapalooza_2015 (42).jpg

Custom Motorcycles

These photos were taken at the North American Motorcycle Supershow 2015
Custom Motorcycles_2015-86.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-67.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-31.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-44.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-35.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-51.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-22.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-13.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-81.jpg Custom Motorcycles_2015-56.jpg

Vintage Motorcycles

These photos were taken at North American Motorcycle SuperShow 2015
Vintage Motorcycles-31.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-44.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-35.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-22.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-13.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-11.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-15.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-41.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-40.jpg Vintage Motorcycles-42.jpg


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