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There’s always something photo worthy happening out there adding the “U” and “I” in community. I wish I could be everywhere, but I can’t. Not enough hours in a day, not enough days in a week, not enough weeks in a month, not enough months in a year and certainly never enough months in one’s life. Remember to “Live, Laugh, Love and Photograph”!

Below are albums filled with photos I have taken at events. I am sharing them, as a thank you to the organizers, volunteers and all others involved. I am alwasy hoping to get some more bodies out for the next one. A community relies on it’s inhabitants to flourish, get out there meet your neighbours, help local businesses and of course have fun. There are so many things to do in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Send me your pics and they may end up on the “reader contributions” page.

Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2019

January 1st 2019 Sunnyside Beach, Lake Ontario
ROG_0364.jpg ROG_0322.jpg ROG_0267.jpg ROG_0300.jpg ROG_0277.jpg ROG_0288.jpg ROG_0244.jpg ROG_0187.jpg ROG_0355.jpg ROG_0392.jpg

158th Queen's Plate

A look at the Queen's Plate 2017.
Queen's Plate 2017 (58).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (22).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (35).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (26).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (42).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (13).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (4).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (47).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (2).jpg Queen's Plate 2017 (6).jpg

Male Celebrities of tiff 2016

Shots taken during the Toronto International Film Festival
Pharrell Williams.jpg Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.jpg Dev Patel (2).jpg J.K. Simmons (1).jpg Ethan Hawke.jpg Jeffrey Tambor.jpg Chris Pratt (1).jpg AJ Calloway.jpg Oscar Isaac (1).jpg Vincent D'Onofrio (2).jpg

Female Celebrities of tiff 2016

Shots taken during the Toronto International Film Festival
Sarah Rafferty.jpg Scarlett Johansson (1).jpg Dakota Fanning.jpg Jennifer Hudson (2).jpg Hailee Steinfeld.jpg Nicole Kidman (2).jpg Bailee Madison (1).jpg Alix Angelis (1).jpg Robin Swicord_.jpg Rachel Skarsten.jpg

Toronto Pillow Fight 2017

Celebrating World Pillow Fight Day in Toronto April 1, 2017 Nathan Phillps Square
Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-86.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-67.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-31.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-44.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-35.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-51.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-22.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-13.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-81.jpg Toronto Pilllow Fight 2017-103.jpg

Beyond the Stars at Tiff 2016

Tiff is about more than the celebrities.
Tiff 2016-67.JPG Tiff 2016-31.JPG Tiff 2016-44.JPG Tiff 2016-35.JPG Tiff 2016-51.JPG Tiff 2016-22.JPG Tiff 2016-13.JPG Tiff 2016-70.JPG Tiff 2016-56.JPG Tiff 2016-11.JPG

Caribana 2016 - Game Faces

Preparing for their participation in the parade, I captured their game faces. Why so serious? lol
Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-87.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-68.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-36.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-45.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-30.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-52.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-22.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-13.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-82.jpg Caribana_2016_Game_Faces-112.jpg

CMT Music Fest 2016

Random photos taken at the festival.
CMT Music Fest 2016 (77).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (58).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (22).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (35).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (26).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (42).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (13).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (4).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (72).jpg CMT Music Fest 2016 (102).jpg

Toronto Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

A look at full body shots from Pecaut Square
TFWk_Full_Body_2016-86.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-67.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-31.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-44.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-35.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-51.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-22.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-135.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-13.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-126.jpg

Bloor Yorkveille IceFest 2016

Every year near the end of February the prestigious Bloor-Yorkville area is home to an IceFest. Ice sculpting contest and display with music, shopping and food.
Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-31.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-44.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-35.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-51.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-22.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-13.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-56.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-11.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-15.jpg Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-41.jpg

NBA All Star Weekend Toronto 2016

My attempt at shooting some all star players. Not my best work but it definitely documents my 3 1/2 hours in frigid temperatures -30 with the windchill. I went back to the Thompson hotel on Monday for checkout and managed to get a few more.
NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (04).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (58).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (22).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (35).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (26).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (42).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (13).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (4).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (72).jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (47).jpg

Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2016

Toronto Polar Bear Dip. Hundreds of dippers raise money for Habitat for Humanity and then plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Ontario.
Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-39.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-31.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-16.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-35.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-23.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-22.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-13.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip2_2016-28.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-11.jpg Polar_Bear_Dip_2016-15.jpg

Naked Pumpkin Run Hamilton 2015

Well the inaugural “Naked Pumpkin Run” in Hamilton Ontario took place on Friday night October 30th.
Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-31.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-44.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-35.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-51.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-22.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-13.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-11.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-15.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-41.jpg Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-40.jpg

Candid at Fashion Week 2015

World Master Card Fashion Week 2015 Once again David Pecaut Square hosted this event. Many sharply dressed individuals and photographers filled the square.
Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-86.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-67.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-31.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-44.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-35.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-51.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-22.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-13.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-81.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-56.jpg

Tiff 2015 - Male Celebrities

Male celebrities that I photographed during the Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Kristian Bruun (1).jpg Johnny Depp (50).jpg George Clooney (13).jpg Gordon Pinsent (7).jpg George Clooney (40).jpg Jake Gyllenhaal (3).jpg Chris Slade (26).jpg Paul Amos.jpg Shia LaBeouf (4).jpg Ben Mulroney (1).jpg

Tiff 2015 - Female Celebrities

Female celebrities that I photographed during the Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Naomi Watts (21).jpg Kate Winslet (38).jpg Drew Barrymore (19).jpg Elle Fanning (59).jpg Elizabeth Olsen (13).jpg Julianne Moore_2015 (15).jpg Dakota Johnson (22).jpg Toni Collette (14).jpg Ann Pirvu (1).jpg Susan Sarandon (29).jpg

Dyke March 2015 - Toronto

Heavy downpours put a damper on Pride activities this weekend.
Dyke_March_2015-31.jpg Dyke_March_2015-44.jpg Dyke_March_2015-35.jpg Dyke_March_2015-51.jpg Dyke_March_2015-22.jpg Dyke_March_2015-13.jpg Dyke_March_2015-56.jpg Dyke_March_2015-11.jpg Dyke_March_2015-15.jpg Dyke_March_2015-41.jpg

The Colours of Pride 2014

There were too many things to shoot at the parade, so I photographed with themes in mind. These are shots I captured featuring the pride colours somewhere in the photo.
Colours_of_Pride_2014-85.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-41.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-62.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-53.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-69.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-32.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-13.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-74.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-11.jpg Colours_of_Pride_2014-15.jpg

Filming Suicide Squad

The evening I spent in Gotham Last night was a pretty exciting in Gotham. When we arrived on the main drag (Yonge Street) Toronto, Ontario.
Suicide_Squad_May25_15-34.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-52.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-38.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-59.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-22.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-13.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-11.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-15.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-44.jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-43.jpg

Toronto Pillow Fight 2015

April 4, 2015 A fierce battle began in front of Toronto’s City Hall just before the clock tower’s bell stuck 3 o’clock. Men, women and children pounded one another for hours, the signs of fatigue were present in many when I quit at 5 pm. The carnage was all over Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto’s finest stood nearby watching hundreds participate in this attack. The interesting thing about this epic battle was everyone was having a great time. Laughter and screams filled the square as well as great music provided by Indie 88FM. All in all it was a fun time, besides a few hair do’s getting wrecked and the odd pillow exploding in mid-air Toronto once again hosts a fun event for everyone. I would like to personally thank all those who participated and the organizers who put this event together and those who had to clean up the pillow butchery.
TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-95.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-76.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-40.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-53.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-44.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-60.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-31.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-19.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-90.jpg TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-65.jpg

JUNOS 2015 Fan Fare

Fan Fare took place at Lime Ridge Mall on Saturday March 14, 2015
Melanie Durrant (2).jpg LIGHTS (5).jpg JRDN (1).jpg Kiesza (10).jpg Kiesza (1).jpg Kira Isabella (2).jpg Dallas Smith (3).jpg Trevor Guthrie (4).jpg Arkells (5).jpg Sam Roberts Band (12).jpg

The Costumes of FrostCon 2015

Here a full body look at the cosplayers, many are dressed from head to toe as their favourite character. While other put their own personal spin on the character, I spoke with one guy who had the hair and makeup don’t but then wore regular clothing from the neck down. When I asked he answered “my character is in his casual of duty clothes”. Lol Thank you all for taking the time to pose for me, if you want your picture send me a message with the photo name and I will send you a high resolution photo. Make sure you see all 5 pages of photos
FrostCon2015 -173.jpg FrostCon2015 -154.jpg FrostCon2015 -118.jpg FrostCon2015 -131.jpg FrostCon2015 -122.jpg FrostCon2015 -138.jpg FrostCon2015 -109.jpg FrostCon2015 -100.jpg FrostCon2015 -168.jpg FrostCon2015 -198.jpg

The Faces of FrostCon 2015

A close-up look at the cosplayers in their costumes. Not only do they dress like their favourite character they have mastered their pose and facial expressions. Thank you all for taking the time to pose for me. If you want your picture send me a message with the photo name and I will send you a high resolution photo. Make sure you see all 4 pages of photos.
FrostCon2015-88.jpg FrostCon2015-69.jpg FrostCon2015-31.jpg FrostCon2015-44.jpg FrostCon2015-35.jpg FrostCon2015-51.jpg FrostCon2015-22.jpg FrostCon2015-13.jpg FrostCon2015-83.jpg FrostCon2015-56.jpg

No Pants Subway Ride Toronto 2015

On Sunday January 11th 2015 in 60 cities and across 25 countries thousands dropped their pants for a NO PANTS subway ride. This event began 14 years ago in New York and quickly spread across the world.
No Pants Day Toronto 2015-84.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-41.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-56.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-45.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-65.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-31.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-22.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-71.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-18.jpg No Pants Day Toronto 2015-24.jpg

Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2015

10th Anniversary of this event at SunnySide. Over 600 dippers got pledges for Habitat for Humanity and made this the largest year ever for the organizers. Raising over $60,000. I can't wait for next year.
TO_Polar_Dip_2015-67.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-31.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-44.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-35.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-51.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-22.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-13.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-56.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-11.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2015-15.jpg

Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2013

Ring in the New Year by jumping into a nearly frozen lake or come cheer those crazy enough to do it. Great opportunity to start the year in the giving spirit too, if you don't have what it takes to plunge then donate. Proceeds go to Habitat For Humility.
TO_Polar_Dip_2013-31.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-44.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-35.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-22.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-13.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-11.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-15.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-41.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-40.jpg TO_Polar_Dip_2013-42.jpg

The Courage Polar Bear Dip 2013

The Courage Polar Bear Dip for World Vision is celebrating it's 30th year January 1st 2015. The festivities begin at 12:30 to about 3:00 pm. The plunge begins at 2:00pm. Due to the large numbers of plungers they have to break them down into heats. lol
Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-11.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-24.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-15.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-31.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-22.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-13.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-36.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-11.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-15.jpg Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-21.jpg

Breakfast Television Christmas Party 2014

Live taping at Toronto's Sheraton Hotel December 19th 2014 6am to 9am. The lobby of the Sheraton Hotel turns into the studio for the Christmas episode of Breakfast Television (BT). Many fans stay over at the hotel as BT negotiated a good price for their fans. Some like me wake up real early and head down to T Dot to be part of the fun. and fun it is, watching our friendly hosts in action and even getting a chance to win some prices and cool BT swag. However, the biggest gift of all is giving and giving you can. The Daily Bread Food Bank was that charity located in the lobby ready for donations. fans brought food, money and toys for the struggling Torontonians this Christmas. I don't understand why more people do come out, It's from 6 am to 9 am, I went before work and was able to make it before 9 to my desk. Please excuse the quality of the photos, it was low light and I didn't use flash so it wouldn't mess up the taping.
BT Dec 2014-83.jpg BT Dec 2014-37.jpg BT Dec 2014-55.jpg BT Dec 2014-42.jpg BT Dec 2014-66.jpg BT Dec 2014-25.jpg BT Dec 2014-12.jpg BT Dec 2014-71.jpg BT Dec 2014-10.jpg BT Dec 2014-14.jpg

Toronto Speedo Run 2014

Since 2005 brave souls have donned their red speedos and ran along Toronto’s cold Yorkville streets to raise fund for The Hospital for Sick Children’ s Toys and Games Fund.
Toronto Speedo Run 2014-86.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-67.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-31.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-44.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-35.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-51.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-22.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-13.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-81.jpg Toronto Speedo Run 2014-56.jpg

Toronto Historic Distillery Christmas Market

This is a trip back in time to the 1800's, but not really. This fascinating place is located south of King Street and east of Parliament St. (55 Mill Street) Old buildings showcasing new, modern and very shiq stuff. This place is always fun to visit. I especially love summer visits to the district, but truely enjoy the Christmas Market. In fact, it's what gets me into the spirit each year. Lots of unique items on sale throughout the district. Click here for more information
Distillery Christmas Market (27).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (59).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (32).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (18).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (09).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (07).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (11).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (53).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (52).jpg Distillery Christmas Market (54).jpg

Illuminite 2014

Downtown Yonge BIA and partners put on the 7th Annual Illuminite at Yonge Dundas Square. This was my third year going down and once again I enjoyed it immensely. Live music, dancing and high flying performers, what's not to like. Although I'm not part of the Downtown community, I feel part of it after an event like this. Yonge street was closed between Queen and Dundas so people can stand on the road to see the festivities. It was chilly, but hundreds of men, women and children waited for it all to begin.
RIF_1378.jpg RIF_1478.jpg RIF_1407.jpg RIF_1318.jpg RIF_1275.jpg RIF_1245.jpg RIF_1284.jpg RIF_1442.jpg RIF_1441.jpg RIF_1457.jpg

Faces of Fashion Week 2014

A closer look at the beautiful people attending fashion week in Toronto
Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-38.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-54.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-43.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-24.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-13.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-11.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-15.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-51.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-49.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-52.jpg

Fashion captured (Dufferin Mall)

Toronto fashion Week 2014 Dufferin Mall hired these beautiful models to allow us street photographers to take photos of professional models. They came around every hour. Thank you, Dufferin Mall.
Dufferin Mall Models (22).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (13).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (4).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (2).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (6).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (14).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (5).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (8).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (21).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (12).jpg

Faces of Toronto Zombie Walk 2014

This is an annual event that is fun for everyone. Family friendly and with easy access. Hundreds show up to partake in the costume display or to photograph the undead. Either way, its a perfect way to spend an afternoon on an October Saturday. These are some close-ups of the scarrrry Zombies. If you find your Zombie here send me an email and I will send you the picture
Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-31.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-44.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-35.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-51.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-22.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-13.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-56.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-11.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-15.jpg Faces of_TO_Zombie Walk 2014-41.jpg

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