The Day After #NBAallstarTo #Toronto

It’s the Monday after the NBA’s all star game and Family Day in Toronto, I took a drive downtown to see if I could get lucky with a few basketballers as they checkout of their hotels.  Although all the action was at the Thompson Hotel I couldn’t ignore my go to place during Tiff, The Ritz Carlton. There were a lot of black SUVs, but they were for the NBA executive and not the players.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (01) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (02)

Back to the Thompson Hotel I went, on my way there I saw many black SUVs driving around the city. It reminded me of the last day of Tiff, a once bustling city was bidding adieu to the rich and famous. When I arrived at the hotel I noticed CP24 and got excited that maybe I didn’t miss everyone. Surly some had yet to checkout after the late night all star game and the after parties that followed. Well most had checked out earlier in the morning.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (03) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (04)

The boys in blue were still serving and protecting, so there must be something left of the all star weekend.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016-10 NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (05)

This guy came and the half dozen fans that stuck around got excited for autographs and my hair shutter finger jumped into action. ” I’m nobody” he said as he laughed at us.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (14)

“I’m not a player” this guy happily informed us, again I have pics to delete.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (16)

While we were anxiously waiting, others could care less, it was Yoga time for these two ladies.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (12)

Then the S**t got serious…

Taxis and SUVs began to arrive

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (07) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (06)

Roger Mason Jr. graced us with his presence, he signed and posed for the last bunch of us who waited around.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (08) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (09)

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (10) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (11)

Danilo Gallinari also interacted with fans and CP24 reporter Arda Zakarian.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (15) NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (13)

Arda was so friendly with everyone,  Arda posed for pictures with fans between going on air. It was a pleasure to watch her work. In this photo she interviews Yang Song, Yang was very helpful to identify the players. Thank you Yang!

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (17)

She was even nice enough to indulge me by posing for this shot, thank you.

NBA_All_Star_Weekend_2016 (18)

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