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Another Canadian rising star from Sudbury Ontario

“I’m a guy from a mining town who didn’t want to be a miner”

This is the second time I’ve had the privilege of seeing and hearing Andrew Hyatt and his band. It won’t be long before everyone who appreciates country music will know who he is. It’s obvious that he is a talented musician, singer and a song writer but the thing that separates him from the rest (those I have seen) is his sincerity.  Andrew is very personable and plays his music from the heart, he introduces his songs, shares the thoughts that led to writing the song.

I caught him off guard while he was doing sound check

For me, I like the behind the scene stuff as much as the finished product. I want to share the emotion and feelings the song writer was trying to convey.  It’s those stories and passion that make the song (for me). Some songs sound great and we enjoy them very much, but once in a while songs make you think about them long after they’re done.

Andrew_Hyatt_FOF_2015-24 Andrew_Hyatt_FOF_2015-15

A lot of Andrew’s songs do that for me, especially the one he wrote about the drive to his girlfriend’s place when he found out her Father passed away while he was away with his Dad on a fishing trip. When he performed that song, the only thing you could hear in the audience was him. When the song ended, I saw many wiping the tears from their eyes.  A beautiful song, great vocals and passion behind it made that the highlight of the festival of friends for me. I lined up with his fans, not to get a selfie with him but just to say thank you and that I was a fan. A big fan!

Click here to see the album of Andrew’s performance at the Festival of Friends


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