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Once again my day job lead me to “the rock” in early April and once again I loved it. There is just something about Sudbury that makes me feel at home. Perhaps it’s the friendly folks that say good morning to you as they hold the Tim Horton’s door open.  You would think you’re in a small town but the Greater Sudbury area has the population of 160,000. The largest city in northern Ontario and the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to sightsee while I was there, I will however, go up there this summer and tour around and discover more of its beauty. One of the things that gets me every time, is the amount of rock that sticks out of the ground within city limits.

ROG_5706a (1) ROG_5706a (2)

ROG_5715 ROG_5716

Another thing I like about Sudbury is the food, great tasty mom and pop shops that outdo the Corporate beasts that I am used to seeing around the GTA. Sudburians are passionate about their outdoor activities and good food. My wife saw an instaram by Canadian country singer and song writer Andrew Hyatt  about a place to get good food called Leslie’s. My wife asked me to pop by and bring some back home with me.  So it turns out Leslie’s poutine truck did so well, she and her husband Al joined forces and now its Leslie’s Charbroill and Grill and Big Al’s Sounthern Fried Chicken and Ribs. WOW and SO GOOD!!! is all I am going to say. See you soon Leslie and Big Al.

ROG_5704 ROG_5702

Speaking of country music, Sudbury’s country station KICX 91.7fm was awesome and a great substitute for Hamilton’s KX 94.7fm . In fact on my way home the it was the announcer’s last hour after filing in for another announcer’s maternity leave. He decided to play whatever he wanted or whatever the listeners wanted. I had a blast and his last hour ended seconds after I lost his reception. Thanks Peter Foggia for an awesome hour of radio.  While at work I managed to shoot a couple of photos, trying to create some photo art of my surroundings. Trying is the key word.

ROG_4845 ROG_4854

I call this muddy refections

ROG_5291 ROG_5479

ROG_5315 ROG_5317

As the snow melted I had to walk in this… not my favourite surface to walk on. More muddy reflections, I guys the high visibility vests work.

ROG_5427 ROG_5425

Once again I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites and I recommend it very much, great staff, good food for breakfast and nice rooms.


Lots of signs on the road warning of moose and deer but I didn’t see any this time around, but I did see some wildlife.

ROG_5598 ROG_5717

Anybody looking to buy a water tower?

ROG_5713 ROG_5714

Check out my photo Sudbury album

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