#Sudbury #Ontario March 2015

I recently visited Sudbury Ontario, this was my first time that far into Ontario’s North.

Both my wife and I embarked on the nearly five hour drive. We turned on the car radio to our favourite radio station KX94.7 and armed with our coffees we were off.  Once we were north of the T-dot we were cooking with gas, thank God for cruise control or else the PO PO would be in hot pursuit. By the way the KX94.7 mobile AP kept my tunes blasting all the way there.

Because we left late afternoon I would be arriving in Sudbury when it was dark and I was a bit worried about encountering deer crossing. However it was all good, but we did see some at the edge of the road as the daylight was fading. I did a quick U-turn to get a couple of shots before they ran away.

Sudbury_March_2015-11  Sudbury_March_2015-12

Sudbury_March_2015-10 Sudbury_March_2015-13

Sudbury_March_2015-15 Sudbury_March_2015-17 

Once I checked into the Fairfield Inn & Suites, (great hotel) it was about finding food. We decided to try a restaurant called M.I.C.  (Made In Canada) All the food is from this wonderful Country. We had an amazing dinner and a dessert out of this world.

I loved Sudbury I will have to go back in the summer for pleasure; I didn’t have much time to explore.  I wasn’t going to leave without taking pics of two things there, the Big Nickle and the Super Stack.

Sudbury_March_2015-19 Sudbury_March_2015-20 

Sudbury_March_2015-24 Sudbury_March_2015-22

Sudbury_March_2015-18 Sudbury_March_2015-28

The next day after I was done work we drove down once again late in the afternoon, this time we stopped for a Burger, Fries and a milk shake from Deluxe Hamburgers and once again the food was awesome.

Sudbury_March_2015-34 Sudbury_March_2015-36

On the way back my wife drove so I could take photos while I still had daylight. I shot them through the windshield or side window while doing at least 100 Km/hr. The photos aren’t the best quality but I just wanted to show off our North.

Sudbury_March_2015-39 Sudbury_March_2015-64

Sudbury_March_2015-66 Sudbury_March_2015-43

Will he fit?

Sudbury_March_2015-40 Sudbury_March_2015-41

The French River area

Sudbury_March_2015-56 Sudbury_March_2015-57

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