Candid Life

These are candid photos of those living their lives their way. I am simply an observer of life and bear no judgement.

Life is so precious, sometimes defined by a single moment, I doubt any of these are that, but who knows?

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A Series of Moments

Life is a series of moments, some more significant then others. Here's a candid look at some.
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A Candid Day in Toronto, December 5, 2015

One of the warmest Decembers on record. Torontonians enjoy the outdoors regardless but certainly helps that one is freezing to death while enjoying the winter months. Here are a few candid photos of people enjoying the skating rink at Nathan Phillip Square.
Decembe_2015_In_TO-59.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-50.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-21.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-30.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-43.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-53.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-35.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-42.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-44.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-58.jpg
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Toronto Argonauts Fans

the Argolifer Fans, who were equipped with drums,horns,cow bells, flags and most importantly their love for the Argos and the sport.
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