Street Photography

By far the most interesting thing I find are people, humanity, nature, whatever you want to call it. Humans are unique and similar at the same time. Many of us spend hours people watching it helps us validate or own existence and behaviours. I don’t mean criticize or make fun of, I’m mean learning from other people’s journey through life. Accepting their differences and the similarities to our very existence.  Behaviours that have been passed on by the roots of their origins or by their parents. Today there are many other influences that affect how humanity hehaves, social media, music,film and Television are helping to shape humanity, for better and for worse. Just look at the obsession with food, a few popular cooking shows has made being a “foodie” a thing. Please enjoy the moments I have stolen from a few strangers lives as I live mine. Simply because they got my attention.

candid photograph: a photograph captured mostly in motion, without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.

Candid Life 

Candid On Wheels

Candid Problems

Canadian Art 


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