#Skating on a Mild #December Day #2015

This has been one of the warmest Decembers on record, many Canadians are enjoying every second of them. Although global warming is not good, many of us don’t seem to mind its effects at the moment. Last year at this time Toronto was already sick of snow but not this year.

Click her to see a few candid shots of Torontonians enjoying some skating at Nathan Philip Square. Shots were taken on December 5 and the temperature a hit a high of 11 degrees Celsius.

Decembe_2015_In_TO-15 Decembe_2015_In_TO-10

Decembe_2015_In_TO-18 Decembe_2015_In_TO-17

In the Square there were reminders that the Holiday Season quickly approaching but the weather did not.

Decembe_2015_In_TO-20 Decembe_2015_In_TO-19

A couple of blocks away is the mighty shopping complex known as the “Eaton Centre” it was obvious there that it was December. Hordes of shoppers hustle through the place like they were escaping Zombies.

Decembe_2015_In_TO-24 Decembe_2015_In_TO-23


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