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“Shake these Walls” tour

Tim Hicks “Shake These Walls” tour did just that at the FirstOntario Concert Hall, previous known as Hamilton Place Theatre on January 19th, 2017. This was my first concert at this venue, but it won’t be my last. In fact I got way more excited for the upcoming Dean Brody concert (April 25,2017)  because it will be held at this venue. The sound in this theatre blew me away. It wasn’t only the walls that were shaking, I was seated in the balcony and it shook with all the foot stomping.

Host for this event was the lovely Linda Martelli, radio personality at KX94.7fm

This all Canadian tour was exactly what the doctor ordered to break up the winter blues.  The walls begin shaking with a super high-octane performance by the River Town Saints. Chris and the boys are only getting better with each performance. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day you’re having, as soon as these boys take the stage, you’re in party mode. Audience’s hands are raised in the air sharing cheers with the band along with a whole lot of sing’n along.  Click here for River Town Saints’ concert photo album

Just when you were catching your breath out comes Jason Blaine, who masterfully guides his fans through hit after hit. On point vocals and guitar skills keep the walls shaking.  Jason’s concert  is one of those,  that you don’t remember all his hits until he plays them and with each of them you get more and more excited for the next one.  Click here for Jason Blaine’s concert photo album

When the lights went out after the stage was setup for Tim Hicks the crowd went wild. Previously I had heard Tim live performing only two songs at the fund raiser for Fort Mac at the Phoenix  in Toronto presented  by KX94.7fm and KX96fm. So I was as excited as everyone else,  I was fortunate enough to have been approved for a photo pass for this event by Core Entertainment, which allowed me to shoot the first three songs of each performer. I got to stand right up front, trust me when I tell you that when Tim’s music started up the ground beneath my feet vibrated. Holy crap! At first I thought it was an earthquake.  Click here for Tim Hicks’ concert photo album

Tim Hick’s is the real thing boys and girls, he’s truly the nicest guy, humble as a Canadian should be and talented as all that. From the first note out of his mouth to the last, I was thoroughly impressed.  “His “voice was flawless”, “what a voice” My wife said a few times on our way home.  Do yourselves favour, go see Tim and sing along to “Stronger Beer”,   the song that wasn’t supposed to be a song.  It’s a song about the differences between Canada and the USA.   It has the Stompin’ Tom Connors’ “Hockey Song” effect on its listeners, I think it’s therapeutic.

On the way home, Mikey (Mike Fuller) over at KX94.7fm decided to play Tim Hicks “Stompin Ground” . Well,  the radio was turned up loud and we sang along with like we did live only a few minutes prior. Thanks a lot Mikey… we were trying to settle down so we could get to sleep when we got home.

On a serious note, get out and support our home-grown talent. We are bombarded with a lot of publicity from the mega labels in the USA and forget about our local singers, song writers and musicians. I assure you Canadian talent would kick their asses, if our Canadian artists had the same amount of money and marketing power behind them.  I’m not saying they’re not as talented in the USA, but I am saying that our talent is more genuine, sincere and truly appreciative of their fans. Don’t believe me, go see some of them and try to prove me wrong.

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