Rick Springfield at the #CNE2015

This was Rick’s second visit to the CNE, many who had seen him the first time were back again, unfortunately they had to wait thirty three years for that to happen.  Once screaming teenagers, now screaming middleagers but it didn’t matter because sixty six year old Rick put on a great show and made everyone feel like it was 1982.

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_Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_cover Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-62

On top of a great performance, he came into the audience during the song Human Touch. He got the ladies all touchy feely with him.

Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-46 Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-45

Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-49 Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-47

He had some fun with a young boys costume as well. Springfield FLASHed his fans

Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-50 Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-51.

Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-52 Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-53

I had to wait for the encore to here one of my favourite songs from the 80’s


Lots more concert pics here

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