Rain on My Parade #Dykemarch #Pride2015

Mother Nature did not cooperate with the organizers of this weekend’s pride activities. Environment Canada warned, this weekend was going to be a wet one, but I was hoping they would be wrong. However, they were not.

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Just after 12:00 pm the skies opened up and almost instantly it was a down pour.  Many Torontonians scrambled to a covered area where they could wait out the heavy rain, but it was here to stay and eventually they conceded and head about their business in the rain. Others were caught without shelters or umbrellas, basically they said F**k it and gave up running and just embraced the wet look.

 Dyke_March_2015-12 Dyke_March_2015-11

My wife and I stopped by Balzac’s Coffee Roasters for a quick lunch and relax a bit before the Dyke March that was scheduled for 2:00pm. We sat in a portion of the patio where the rain couldn’t reach the table. Balzac’s makes a really good grilled chicken sandwich and the coffee was great too.

Dyke_March_2015-20 Dyke_March_2015-22

As I sat there enjoying watching the rain bounce off the patio umbrellas and I took the opportunity to shoot interesting and wet people as they scurried by.


Dyke_March_2015-14 Dyke_March_2015-13

I found a place on Carlton with an overhang that would keep the rain from hitting my camera and I waited for the Dyke March to arrive there. To my surprise I picked the right place to get shelter, across the street the Oasis Aqua Lounge (Ontario’s Premiere Sex Club)  was having a party on their front lawn.

Dyke_March_2015-23 Dyke_March_2015-29

Oasis put on burlesque style performances as onlookers watched and took photographs.

Dyke_March_2015-30 Dyke_March_2015-33

Dyke_March_2015-27 Dyke_March_2015-31

Dyke_March_2015-25 Dyke_March_2015-26

Soon after the gals from Oasis ended their first set of performers, the police escorted the marchers along the last leg of the route to Allen Gardens where post march activities were to take place. Not sure if they did or not, because I was soaked, cold and it was time to call it.

Dyke_March_2015-36 Dyke_March_2015-44 

Dyke_March_2015-37 Dyke_March_2015-40

Dyke_March_2015-41 Dyke_March_2015-52

Love wins, Mother Nature was no match for their pride.

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