Polar Bear Dip 2017 #polarbeardip

What were you up to on New Year’s Day? Well I went down to Sunnyside Beach in Toronto to shoot the Annual Toronto Polar Bear Dip for Habitat for Humanity GTA. This year marked the 15th year. Mother Nature supported the event by warming up to an even zero degrees Celsius. Click here for the photo album

This was a record year in terms of participation, in 2005/2006 20 braved the cold and plunged for charity. This year that was not the case.


Some come wearing costumes others look stylish, regardless of the outfit the water is cold




Then it’s go time…




Many don’t go in as far as some of the others but I assure you they are equally as cold.


Many come out laughing while others make some scary sounds, it’s a mixture between screaming and whining.


Adrian, maybe this year?

This guy gets down on one very cold knee and professes his love to this beautiful leaf fan and she says “Yes”

Lots more photos, click here

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