No Playoffs for the #Argos

No Playoffs for the Argos in 2014

The Argos finished the 2014 season in 3rd place in the East Division. 8 wins and 10 loses.

It was a great season full of some exciting football moments.

I was at the final game on November 7th 2014:

Toronto Agrognauts beat the Ottawa Redblacks 23-5

The Redblacks were no match for the Argos. Argos defence  frustrated the Redblacks all game and the Argos offence was led by Trevor Harris #7 add 23 points to the score board. It wasTrevor Harris’ first CFL start and he through two touchdown passes and was outstanding. The score doesn’t reflect this exciting game.

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Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (59)Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (05)

Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (14) Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (33)

Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (36) Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (37)

I sat by the Argolifer Fans, who were equipped with drums,horns,cow bells, flags and most importantly their love for the Argos and the sport.

Click here to see more of these fans in action

These pictures have been edited to High-Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR)

Argo fan 2 Argo fan 3

Argo Fan

The third team on the field did a great job too, they were on their game. Thanks buys for keeping it fair.

Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (03) Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (04)

Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (70)Argo_Vs_RedBlacks_11_2014 (64)

and of course the beautiful Argo cheerleaders were in the house.

Argo Cheerleaders 2014-46 Argo Cheerleaders 2014-49

Argo Cheerleaders 2014-50 Argo Cheerleaders 2014-25

Jason was there too…

Argo Cheerleaders 2014-67

The half-time show started with Canadian Rappers “Saukrates” and “Rich Kidd” 

The rapped as the cheerleaders danced around them.

RIF_1084 RIF_1087

RIF_1082 RIF_1083

The half-time concluded with a local dance academy rocking the Roger’s Centre. The were so good and so cute.

RIF_1094 RIF_1095

RIF_1096 RIF_1093

I am really thankful that unlike hockey and the ACC, Roger’s Centre allows me to shoot with my zoom lens.

These guys have bigger zooms then me

click here to see more photographers in action

RIF_1076 RIF_1077

RIF_1121 RIF_0972


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