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The Pan AM and PM Commute Games

You may be aware of the many events featured in the Pan Am Games , but here are 10 new events  you may or may not be familiar with:

  1. Kijji search for two other bodies, so you can ride in the HOV lanes
  2. Get up earlier, hurry out and then wait in traffic
  3. Left arm stretch, to get your Tim Horton’s for the long long ride
  4. Bob and weave in and out of lanes at 10km/hr
  5. Sneak into the HOV and hurry the F**K out before the PoPo sees you
  6. Try to convince the PoPo it was a mistake, the HOV lanes are too confusing
  7. Think of excuses for your partner, as to why you have $150 ticket
  8. Speed to 60 km/hr, then suddenly stop and almost the car in front
  9. Put on your playlist, radio has already repeated the News 10 times
  10. Do it all over again tomorrow, and for a month

Since car troubles is the topic, check out some photos I’ve managed to collect over the years.

On Side Rescue (1) Car Accident North Service rd- Grimsby (1)

Seriously folks this is a pain in the butt and the HOV lanes are a stupid idea, but let’s not forget how hard these athletes have trained and sacrificed for this opportunity. This is also very good for the many small business’ that will get a big boost in revenue due to the many visitors to the games. Let’s be the Canadians the world knows we are, gracious hosts, fun, loving and let’s put a smile on everyone’s face we meet.  Get out and see a couple of events, cheer on our own athletes and celebrate the winners even if they are not homegrown. This wonderful city is blessed with such diversity that we can cheer for so many countries along with Canada.

For me, this is a chance in a lifetime to see something like this. Maybe some of you younger folks may have another opportunity later on in life but for many like me, this may be it.

I got to see the Torch Relay the other day as it ran through Burlington during the Sound of Music Festival. I must say it was pretty cool to see live. The first Pan American Games were held in 1940. Here are some photos of the Torch Relay

PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-10 PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-11

PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-12 PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-13

PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-14 PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-15


Good Luck to all the Commuters, pack your patience and enjoy the ride. Life is too short.

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