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Once again the Outdoor Adventure Show ventured its way in to Toronto.  Many vendors operated their booths in order to serve the thousands of the show’a patrons, researching  their next adventure. Whether the adventure was local to Ontario or across Canada there was something for you. By land, air or underwater it didn’t matter they had lots of great adventures just waiting for the right individual.


Earlier this month I held a contest for a family pack of Four tickets to this event. Eliz Trieu won them. I asked Eliz if she would comment on her experience at the show and she was nice enough to.  This is what Eliz had to say:

Hey sure no problem! ” I had a great time at the Outdoor Adventure show today thanks to Candid Toronto Blog!  It was a busy Sunday afternoon at the International Centre but that did not stop my friends and I from taking in the vendors.  From canoes and kayaks to scuba gear and health food there certainly was something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed listening to Kevin Callan speak about his trips to Killarney Provincial Park. The entire day left me excited for summer and anxious to plan my next Outdoor Adventure! Thank you so much Candid Toronto! “

I would like to thank Eliz and all who enrolled for the chance to win tickets and the show’s PR people who were so nice and provided me the tickets for the give away,  a discount on tickets to the show for CandidToronto readers and of course access to cover this event.



Since my wife and I started hiking in the late spring of 2016, I was specifically looking for those types of outdoor adventures. Of course, I stopped by Ontario Parks to say hello and see what information they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the folks at the Haliburton Highlands booth; they presented their passion for the area as well as the information about the area.  My wife and I will for sure partake in a couple of the hiking adventures they spoke about this year.

Not sure where to go? Lots of maps on hand.  Go Trekkers can help with your map needs.


The show floor was well laid out and the variety of vendors was amazing. Canadian adventures were not the only adventures being offered, booths from all over the world were represented along the aisle ways. Unfortunately I can’t report on all the things I saw at the show, the post would be too long and I wouldn’t do the show justice anyway.   So I chose a couple to report on that caught my attention, whether it was the person operating the booth or the product. As a photo blogger, if it was colourful or interesting to shoot it got my attention.

Quick Wick caught my attention because our family loves siting by the fire and sometimes it a pain in the butt to get it started. This cool little gadget does the job. Thus man was handing out samples to everyone who stopped at his booth. When I asked for a photo he decided to give me an action shot. lol Well, a still action shot… We had a good chuckle. The vendors were super helpful and very friendly. Check out the video below.

Like I said earlier to many good this to mention, but I have to give a shout out to a the food product vendors, I tasted some really good stuff. Sore I couldn’t feature more here but there were too many people in front of the booth. I managed to get a couple of food shots from this vendor as patrons moved to pay for the tasty products the wanted.


As always I try to promote local business, but I have to mention the great booths that were there to satisfy the needs of those who wanted their adventures to take them out of Ontario. Below are a few of these places but many states from our neighbours to South were there as well, I always wanted to go to Virginia Beach, Myrtle beach and have a steak in Texas and go back to Florida, just to mention a few that had booths at the show. Countries like India, China, Jamaica, Cuba Brasil and Peru, again just to mention a few.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a booth for my birth place; the Portuguese Islands of the Azores.

I have to give a special shout out to Halton Parks, It’s only fair my wife and I are park members and we hike in one of the seven Halton Parks every day. Halton Parks had a couple of the feathery friends I have blogged about before.  Click here for the photos  Mountsberg Conservation Area‘s Maple Town is open weekends from February 25th to April 2nd.

Halton parks had a wading pool with tiny replica fish for kids to learn the names as the simulated catch and release. Truth be told, I wanted to go fishing to but they didn’t share. lol

One of my favouite places to visit is Collingwood. I was 7 years old and my first summer in Canada when my Uncle and Aunt took us to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. I have loved those places since. My friend here can help you with boat cruises and tours, guided fishing charters and more!.  Click here for his website  and or Follow him on Instagram here

Click here for the photo album from the Outdoor Adventure Show



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