Naked Pumpkin Run #nakedpumpkinrun

Well the inaugural “Naked Pumpkin Run” in Hamilton, Ontario took place on Friday night October 30th.

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Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-10  Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-11

I’m sure this was one of the tamest activities on Devil’s Night, but there were concerns about the police and the legal issues around running down a Hamilton street naked. Police were there not to stop the event, but to make sure that it when off without any problems. Event organizer and run participant Adam, spoke with the runners about what to expect and that this was to be a peaceful and fun event without any lewd behavior. Basically the purpose for this event was to celebrate our freedom and the liberties we enjoy in this great nation.

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-29 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-37

Quite a few people lined the sidewalk across from the gathering point for this casual 2.5 km run which began on Longwood Rd. S between Main St and King St.  There were entire families cheering on these brave runners who were in the buff in the 8 degree temperature. A camera operator from CHCH TV made the comment “Do these people think it’s a Santa Clause parade?” He said that because there were kids with their parents waiting for the run to begin.

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-25 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-42

The energy on that tiny spot in Hamilton was so positive and fun. Curious onlookers gathered wondering whom amongst the crowd were going to drop there drawers. A few were there to cheer on their friends while others were there to cheer on anyone who had the courage.  In fact a few posed with the naked runners.

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-24 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-26

A few people I spoke to, were very proud of the City of Hamilton allowing this event, and the Police for not arresting anyone. A man I was talking to wanted to run in the event but was worried about getting arrested, so he just came to check it out but next year he’s running.


Hopefully, this event grows to a much larger event and continues to be as fun as it was this first time.

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-48 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-43 .

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-45 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-46

Adam, great job getting this off the ground and I wish you can put it together for years to come.


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