Motorcycle Super Show 2017 #motorcycleshow

Once again North American International Motorcycle Super Show was a big success. Over 500,000 square feet of nothing but motorcycles and motorcycle related goodies. I went Friday evening this year and was pleasantly surprised at how busy it was. Previously I have gone on Saturdays and basically it was shoulder to shoulder with individuals.  Although Friday was not as crowded it certainly was busy.

Since I have been going to the Motorcycle show, it always cracks me up watching people walking out with tires or even entire exhaust systems over their shoulder.

This year Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman were celebrity guests. As a fan of the show it was nice to see them in person. But Beth abruptly left stage shortly after getting on it. In my opinion she left upset after Dog posed with some sexy bike models on the stage.  This was the photo that upset Beth.

I am not going to lie, I was disappointed in Beth. On the show she is as tough as nails, but lost her cool after a pretty model posed with the Bounty Hunter. I wasn’t as disappoint as the hundreds that lined up to meet the pair, they didn’t get to meet Beth at all. I was at the front of the stage and heard some asking for her and being told she wasn’t coming and then directed of the stage.   I was a bit worried for Dog, it wasn’t going to be a fun drive back to the hotel.

For the record, the two models acted very professionally and did nothing wrong, it was obvious they were Dog the Bounty Hunter fans.

I love chatting with the vendors, many unique offerings for the show’s patrons. This year I got a great deal on a leather belt. Since I don’t have a motorcycle anymore, I didn’t have the need for a cool helmet or sexy leathers.

Too many cool bikes to buy, new or bikes that have road trip experience.  Let me tell you there are so many cool bikes to see, but my favourites are always the custom bikes. It’s a combination of mechanics, design and art.  I’m not sure how practical they are for riding but damn, they look awesome!!!!


Shania Twain’s bike was displayed at this year’s show. The motorcycle embodied Shania’s love for horses. Her charity “Shania Kids Can was the reason it was on display.  I spoke with the person running the booth and her passion for the charity was obvious.

This bike was the coolest one in my opinion, not the prettiest but the coolest. In fact the guy from Motorcycle Enhancements who custom built this steam punk inspired motorcycle said a previous admirer said “It’s so ugly it’s beautiful” . I’m going to have to agree.

Here”s a few shots, check out the album for more.


Click here to look at photos from this event.

This is not a car it’s a motorcycle… called the “slingshot” built by Polaris see more in the photo album.


A smaller version of this show will take place in a few months in preparation for the spring riding season.


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