Morningstar Mill & DeCew Falls #ontario

This summer my wife and I began walking and hiking to incorporate more exercise into our lives. Unless I’m chasing a photograph or trying to get somewhere walking seems pointless to me. Many couples walk around the block in the evenings and as much as my lovely wife tried I wouldn’t have any of it. Then we decided to look for trails that would satisfy my shutter bug and her need for us to live healthier lifestyles. I’m not going to lie it was a difficult journey for me. Her persistence paid off and now I look forward to our daily hikes (most of the time). As a result my wife and I have explored some beautiful trails not too far from Toronto. Back in July I posted about one of our first trails, Tiffany falls in Hamilton. Today I want to introduce the Morningstar Mill and DeCew Falls.

morningsta_mill-3 decew_falls-8515

We originally when there to see DeCew Falls and walk the trail beside the falls. My plan was to build a portfolio of water falls in Ontario. Little did I know we were going to get a tour of an old fashion Mill and the Morningstar home.  We didn’t know they even existed when we drove out there.

morningsta_mill-8604 morningstar_home-0001

This is Terry, he gave us a tour of the turbine shed and the Mill, By the way terry is a volunteer. In fact the two ladies that gave us a tour of the home were also volunteers.

morningsta_mill-8529 morningsta_mill-8603

Here’s a peek inside the turbine shed.

morningsta_mill-8514 morningsta_mill-8522

You can buy flour by giving a donation, no minimum donation, whatever you can give and you will get one pound of flour milled there. Click here for photos of the mill.

morningsta_mill-8511 morningsta_mill-8607 morningsta_mill-8609 morningsta_mill-8610

The Morningstar home was very interesting as well, Mr. Morningstar adored his wife and when making the house he made sure things were designed to make her life easier in the kitchen and strategically place pipes keep the home warm for the family. Read more

Click here for more photos of the Morningstar home

morningstar_home-8545 morningstar_home-8547

morningstar_home0008 morningstar_home-8534

And yes, there was a trail that was part of the Bruce trail.  We walked as long as we could keep in mind we would have to walk back. Having said that there were a few tough hills to climb, but we made it back safely. We were covered in sweat but back safely.  Lol Click here for photos of the  falls and trail

decew_falls-8586 decew_falls-8568

decew_falls-8565 decew_falls-8579

Please go check this site out and don’t forget to share your photos and feedback.

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