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I’m a big fan of our homegrown talent. The Canadian music industry has been blessed with so many great musicians, singers, song writers and producers. Many of us as stuck in our cars during the daily commute and the only thing keeping us all sane is our friends on the radio. Although I prefer country music, my music collection crosses all genres. I believe good music is good music, regardless of the genre.

These are the few shots I have taken so far, I hope to grow my collection.

Autumn Hill open for Kira Isabella at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre. This small and intimate venue was perfect.

Mississauga Living Arts Centre (2) Mississauga Living Arts Centre (1)

Autumn Hill did not disappoint, They sounded great and had a good stage presence. I only had a point and shoot for theses photos, best I could do.

They were  so active on stage it was impossible get a shot that wasn’t blury.

Autumn Hill is a Canadian country music duo composed of Mike Robins and Tareya Green. Their debut single, “Anything At All,” entered the Canadian Hot 100 in January 2013.  Can’t wait to hear more stuff from them.

Click here for photos from their performance 

Thank you Autumn Hill, I forgot you were opening for Kira, if it ended with your performance I would have been satisfied and I would have had my monies worth. If you ever need a photographer, I’m there… for free!

Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (4)

Mike’s performance reminded me of a young Bryan Adams, he could really rock that guitar and backed it up with awesome vocals.

Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (15) Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (13) Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (14)

What Can I say about  the beautiful Tareya, her vocals blew me away. She was amazing.

Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (12) Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (16) Autumn Hill  Nov_2014 (22)

Kira Isabella was Outstanding, one of the best concerts I have been to. She sounded amazing. This woman could really entertain!

Kira Isabella is a Canadian country music artist. Isabella was signed to Sony Music Canada in 2009. Her first single, “Love Me Like That,” was released in 2011 and charted on the Canadian Hot 100.

Click here to see the photos of her performance

Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (36)

She involved the audience through out her show.At one point she brought up three guys to dance for her on stage. (They Sucked) It was so sad. The tree danced with themselves and completely ignored the beautiful woman on stage.

Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (66) Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (67)

Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (69)Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (68)

Later in her show she went onto the floor and performed from the centre to involve more of the audience. Seriously she was awesome! She’s beautiful, has strong vocals, great stage presence and fantastic songs, I can’t wait to see her again.

Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (05) Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (13)

Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (53) Kira Isabella Nov_2014 (60)

Mike Fuller is a Radio Personality at KX94.7

Mike is one of my favouites on the air ways. He is funny, witty and always plays great tunes. Although we (the listeners) are far away and doing our thing, Mike  talks to the us as if we are in the room with him. His show is  unique and I enjoy listening to it very much. I know I’m not a lone. Mike introduced Autumn Hill and Kira Isabella on stage.

When I met Mike, I waited for other fans to say how much they loved his show, only to do the same. He shocked me though, When I shook his hand and thanked him for doing a great show day in and day out. He said thank you and then asked me my name. That was very cool.

Click here to see local radio personalities, so far it’s only Mike but I hope to add more. (I should have taken a selfie. Damn!)

Mike Fuller (5)



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