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Once again the city of Toronto hosts the Biggest Baddest Car Show, Importfest.

Well it isn’t the biggest car show, but it certainly lives up to the baddest.

Reflections of the CN Tower across the street

This car show without a doubt has some of the baddest street legal machines, baddest car accessories, baddest music, baddest competitions and the baddest car models of any car show I been at. Just imagine how popular and busy this show was.

Importfest was held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. (MTTC)

Many drivers drove by in their fancy machines infront of the MTTC, but the real cool cars were inside.


Some vendors displayed their stuff while other handed out sweets to get patrons to their booth

Importfest_2015-14 Importfest_2015-10

This was on of the coolest displays at the show, Its a real lion and it died of natural causes.

They had a certificate proving such, they are against those idiots that hunt earths amazing animals and didn’t want any negative feedback.

It was really humbling to stand by this once majestic creature and king of the jungle.

Importfest_2015-12on Importfest_2015-13

The main stage entertained guests with a few shows and contests.

Master of Ceremonies, Scott Boogie is always amazing!

Importfest_2015-25 Importfest_2015-17

On the stage DJ Danny D of Z103.5 fm hosted a DJ competition. (left)

Also on Stage was a Beatbox performance that left audience stunned by the talented Canadians.

Importfest_2015-23 Importfest_2015-18

And to impress the crowed the Guinness Book’s youngest DJ the “Dextrous One” also performed.


Lots of giveaways as well, on has to girls on a dance of for a Vossen skateboard deck

Models_Importfest_2015-18 Models_Importfest_2015-19

Models_Importfest_2015-20 Models_Importfest_2015-21

We can’t forget the pretty ladies that pose for all the lucky men in the crowded convention centre. They are always gracious and pleasant to photograph, true professionals. Thank you ladies!

Models_Importfest_2015-14 Models_Importfest_2015-13

Models_Importfest_2015-12 Models_Importfest_2015-17

Models_Importfest_2015-11 Models_Importfest_2015-10

Models_Importfest_2015-15 Models_Importfest_2015-16

This baddest car show also features a bikini contest and lingerie model search later in the evening.

Billy T of StreetOutlawz hosts the bikini contest which starts off with him tossing US $1.00 bills into the crowd.

One of the bills is marked, whom ever gets it wins the honour of being one of the judges on stage. However audience’s loud cheers for their favourite model is how the winner is crowned.

Bikini_Importfest_2015-10 Bikini_Importfest_2015-12

Loonies would hurt, that’s why US dollar bills.


Winner was the lovely, Paige


The lingerie contest hosted by Carlos of  Got Ass? , is too hot for CandidToronto.com sorry boys….

I got cars for you to look at though…  Click here for the cars


Cars_Importfest_2015-68 Cars_Importfest_2015-24

Cars_Importfest_2015-30 Cars_Importfest_2015-56

My favourite car of Importfest 2015


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