Illuminite Winter Magic #Illuminite14

Downtown Yonge BIA and partners put on the 7th Annual Illuminite  at Ynge Dundas Square.


This was my third year going down and once again I enjoyed it immensely. Live music, dancing and high flying performers, what’s not to like.

Although I’m not part of the Downtown community, I feel part of it after an event like this. Yonge street was closed between Queen and Dundas so people can stand on the road to see the festivities.

It was chilly, but hundreds of men, women and children waited for it all to begin.


It started propmly at 5pm with a DJ spining tunes to get us warmed up.


Roger Pertersen from City TV was the Master of Ceremonies, he brought his Son and rocked a Movember mustache.


The president of “Raising The Roof” asked everyone to buy a toque  to help with the homeless in Toronto

Let’s get into the spirit of the season and buy a Toque Click here to get yours today


There were many stages for performers, I liked this year’s layout. Previous years the stage was set up in the main stage and it was very far for most to see the performers.

By having stages in a few places in the square it included everyone. Stages included, a large stage in the centre, one by the Hard Rock restaurant on on top of the Green Parking  enterance and one on the  long roof on the Dundas side.





I positioned myself at the biggest stage right smack in the centre of  it all. I was early so I got to lean on the fence in front of the stage. early bird gets the worm.

After the speeches the performers began and ended with the lighting of the tree.

This actor changed colours as she introduced the performers at my stage, A couple came out and tap danced there shoes off.

One of events partners, Creativiva  directed the event, Great work!




There were some interesting characters interacting with the crowd



What type of Holiday Season would it be without toy soldiers


Look up into the night sky, is it spiderman? Nope it’s building-repelling dancers.

This was a lot of fun to watch, every time they dropped or pushed off the building to perform a stunt the audience oo’d any awe’d





This was my favourite part of the event, they brought out beach ball type balls that changed colours randomly.

The audience punched the colours into the dark night and giggles from the children filled the square. I was standing by an older couple, who were having the time of their lived pushing these balls back and forth. Whoever thought of those balls deserves a raise.

RIF_1460 RIF_1457 RIF_1458

Then the tree came to Illuminite



The beautiful Natalie Duddridge from City TV was reporting live from the stage.

Click here to see the video from her report on Illuminite 2014.  I see myself in the video :))


Next week is the Cavalcade of lights, dress warmly and see you there!





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