I got Ambushed at Speedfest 2015 #Ambush

Today was the last day of the Victoria Day Speedfest 2015 and it was amazing, I had a great time and the weather couldn’t have been any better.

The highlight for me today was meeting the Canadian band “Ambush”  Specifically Mark McDonell, who took the time to speak with me just before their set. Unfortunately I had not heard of them or heard them perform, what I can assure you is that I will go see them again. Perhaps I will go see them on May 29th at “The Corral” in Oshawa. They were outstanding, great energy and amazing vocals, if I knew anything about playing instruments I would say they played them expertly. What I do know is that, I was tapping my foot to  familiar tunes they were covering. New country and some classic rock songs had race fans singing along.

I’m my usual fashion I took and posted too many photos,but I hope I was able to capture their fantastic energy and stage presence. I wish them nothing but success. Yes folks I got ambushed!

Click here for the album

Ambush-72 Ambush-12

Mark McDonell


Kris LaFontaine


Tom Vancoughnett


Click here for the album

More speedfest photos will be posted over the next few days, stay tuned.


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