Help – Flatten the curve

I know there have been many funny posts about our current situation, and that’s fine because it lightens our grim mood, even for a moment. It also keeps us talking about COVID-19.

I’m one of those people who look normal, but in fact my immune system won’t handle me contracting the virus.

I have been staying home, for the exception of hikes or walks. It has been hard not to socialize, if you know me you’ll understand.
On my walks,I still see families playing in playgrounds, running room joggers running in hordes. I see people who are going into stores just because it’s their daily routine.

For the most part, I’m proud to have seen governments reacting the way they are, big business putting profits aside for public safety. (never expected that)
However, I am disappointed to see people acting like this is no big deal, or those who think they are invincible going about there lives as usual.

If one of those people get sick, they will take away the limited resources from those who need it most. A big heart felt thank you to all the front line medical heroes out there and to all those behind the front line supporting all of us.

We all have to do our part, stay home, catch up on Netflix, Crave, AppleTV, Acorn etc.

Please… help flatten the curve, lives depend on it.

Feature image: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

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