Hamilton Zombie Walk 2016 #Hamilton

“Zombies walking and naked people running with pumpkins, in Hamilton”

This year I decided to visit the Hammer for Halloween. I visit the Hamilton on many occasions,  for work, or walking their beautiful trails or photographing the many water falls, but mainly to a got to country music concerts. Of course Hamilton is the home of the award-winning KX94.7 Country radio station.

This time I went to shoot some zombies during the 10th annual Hamilton Zombie Walk. Although I visit Hamilton often, I still haven’t been able to navigate myself through the city effectively. This time it was no different. I missed the gathering of the zombie horde, Gage Park was closed for construction and that was where I thought the walk was going to start. On my way there I ran into a Mother and Son zombified for the walk who informed me nobody was at Gage Park. Saw a pretty cool looking car too.


I decided to head the horde off at the pass. I waited in front of the First Ontario Centre. When I arrived there the sidewalk was lined with tour busses, who could it be? The tour buses were for Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago, I was hoping to shoot a band member but I didn’t see any.

hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-02 hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-03

Finally the horde made its way to me. As usual with event photography, there’s a lot of waiting for a few seconds of shooting.  I don’t mind the wait,  most of the time I get to hang out with my wife and of course meeting people is one of my favourite perks of blogging.

Click here for the Hamilton Zombies of 2016. Below is just a preview.

hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-01 hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-09

hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-16 hamilton-zombie-walk-2016-22


The next night was none other than “Devils Night” (October 30th). Last year I spent it in Hamilton for the first annual Naked Pumpkin Run, I had so much fun I came back. Don’t worry folks, I keep my clothes on.

Unfortunately the 2nd annual pumpkin run wasn’t as populated with naked runners as the organizers hoped for.  It was a Sunday night, perhaps that played a huge role in it.  Matt the organizer mentioned perhaps 2017 will see the naked run on a the Friday or Saturday just before Halloween.

hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016 hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016-5

I would also encourage them to advertise it a little better and perhaps have a cause attached to the run. The previous runs were not fund-raisers, they were FUN raisers.  Although the turnout wasn’t anything to get excited about, the naked run was a go and it sure was fun to see the buff runners have a blast.

Hamilton police accompanied the runners to ensure their safety.  I want to offer a warm thank you to the officers who had a laugh at this FUN raiser.  Let’s make the 3rd annual Naked Pumpkin run a huge success!

By the way, this is a “Bare As You Dare” event. That means only take off as much clothes as you’re comfortable with.

Click here for more photos

hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016-4 hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016-7

hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016-9 hamilton-naked-pumpkin-run-2016-14

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