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I met these three talented artists during my day job in my class. I taught them scissor lift operator safety, which I was happy to see they applied it during the project.  Bruno Smoky, Shalak Attack and Fiya Bruxa, together known as the Essencia  Art Collective. The were awarded the contract by the City of Toronto to transform the grey concrete wall of the Lawrence underpass (Caledonia and Lawrence) into a mural. I don’t think whomever contracted them knew how good this huge undertaking would look.

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ROG_4767  ROG_4768

 ROG_2912 ROG_2911

Once a boring grey eye sore now looks like a journey from the cold North to the warm South and along this journey there are some interesting post-apocalyptic scenes.


I have been a fan of the graffiti art since I first saw it, I don’t mean the vandalism type, but the type that is done with authorization and that is artistic. I spend many hours each year walking the graffiti alleys in Toronto. I assure you, none are as good as this mural, CTV News report said they are sure it’s the longest in Toronto, I have to agree. I haven’t seen a mural this long and as detailed at this one.

ROG_2867 ROG_2868

ROG_4756 ROG_2873

Many cans of spray paint were used to complete this giant work of art.

ROG_4757 ROG_4762

The amount of detail this mural has impressed me every time I went for a visit. Besides the base coating all was done using cans of spray paint. I know I’m not alone, many honked the horns and gave a thumbs up as they drove along this masterfully done mural.


ROG_4771 ROG_4773

ROG_4709 ROG_4716

ROG_4718 ROG_4740

ROG_4749   ROG_4696a

ROG_5231 ROG_5221

Break Time


The South side of the underpass stands boring grey, I’m hoping Essencia get an opportunity to beautify the city once again. I think these types of projects are fantastic and make our beloved Toronto look so cool, I hope to see more of these all over.

A personal thank you to Smoky, Shalak and Fiya for their hard work, dedication and vision, you have made the Lawrence underpass a place to visit. I can see many of us photographers doing photoshoots in front of it.

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