FrostCon 2017 #frostcon

FrostCon returns after a one year break, this fan run cosplay event for the Greater Toronto Area was one of my favourites. In 2015 I had a blast shooting costumes; it was friendly and packed with cosplayers.  Unfortunately this year it wasn’t s packed with cosplayers, having said that I was only there for a few hours on Saturday (12:00 to 3:00 pm). Click here to get to the photo album

Perhaps it was the Burlington location, previously it was downtown Toronto. However, one thing that hadn’t changed was the friendly atmosphere.  Whether you were a vendor, cosplayer or volunteer, there was nothing but smiles. Hallways lined with characters from video games, TV & movies, Anime, fairy tales and toys.  I will admit I barely knew who the costumes were of, for me that don’t matter anyway. I love the creativity, colours and most of all the passion these cosplayers demonstrate.

If you read my blog you know I love capturing candids, and I was able to get a few this time around as well.

I was even able to get a little creative with photographing weapons as the pointed them at me.

And of course there was a Deadpool

Click here for the photo album

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