Finally… A Day Above Zero #Oakville

Finally mother nature cut us some slack, this record cold Winter finally took a knee. The next week looks really promising as temperatures stay above zero. Driving in Oakville today I saw a lot more people out and about then I’ve seen in months.

Shiny cars and motorcycles took advantage of the sunny Sunday in March.

ROG_4931 ROG_4940

Workers took advantage of the weather to replace the HVAC system on the roof of an apartment building. This giant crane blocked two lanes on Lakeshore Blvd., traffic was diverted around the shoulder. Traffic controllers maned the stop sign to ensure on all was safe as one one direction could pass at a given time.

ROG_4941 ROG_4944

ROG_4934  ROG_4955 

ROG_4935 ROG_4939

But I am almost certain mother nature has at least one more blast of Winter coming, she’s just melting some snow to make room for new snow. There is lots of white stuff to melt.



Just how much snow is out there?

Here are a series of images I shot on December 30th 2014 and the same location today. (Coronation Park, Oakville)

RIF_2568 ROG_4962

RIF_2632 ROG_4993

RIF_2552 ROG_4996

As you can see, there is a lot of snow left to melt. Below are additional photos I shot there.

ROG_4999 ROG_4990 ROG_4968

ROG_4969 ROG_4970 ROG_4971 ROG_4994 ROG_4983 ROG_4988 

On this exceptionally clear day, I was able to shoot the Toronto Skyline from Oakville with my 18- 250mm lens.



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