I know nothing about fashion, except I either like it or I don’t. I having said that, I love photographing fashion.

Cuban Fashion Show 2016

Fashion by: Daymara Cuenca Osorio of Holguin, Cuba
Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (134).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (88).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (74).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (17).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (54).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (111).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (109).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (49).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (77).jpg Cuba Fashion Show 2016 (79).jpg

Toronto Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

A look at full body shots from Pecaut Square
TFWk_Full_Body_2016-95.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-81.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-24.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-61.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-118.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-116.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-56.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-84.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-86.jpg TFWk_Full_Body_2016-99.jpg

Candid Street Fashion

The streets are filled with people expressing themselves with their fashion sense. When something catches my eye, I snap. Yes, its as simple as that.
ROG_3599.jpg RIF_1488.jpg ROG_2165.jpg RIF_6487.jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (34).jpg RIF_0176.jpg ROG_3691.jpg ROG_1954.jpg RIF_1644.jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (65).jpg

Candid at Fashion Week 2015

World Master Card Fashion Week 2015 Once again David Pecaut Square hosted this event. Many sharply dressed individuals and photographers filled the square.
Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-81.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-24.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-61.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-56.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-84.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-86.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-75.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-36.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-39.jpg Candid_Fashion_Week_2015-43.jpg


Tattoos I have seen and shot on someone's back or shoulders. Sometimes less is more and other times a lot looks amazing, Love the way it looks and I am amazed at the skill of the artist.
Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-15.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-13.jpg

Terez Custom Leahther Fashion Show 2015

The unique work Teresa (Terez) on some of her clients. Teresa can create anything one desires from Custom Leather Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Chaps, Vests, Halter Tops to Riding Pouches. Bring in your patches for her to sew on your favourite Jacket or Vest. Leather alterations and repairs available.
Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-81.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-24.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-61.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-56.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-84.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-86.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-75.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-36.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-39.jpg Terez Leather Fashion Show2015-43.jpg

Styles International Fashion Show 2015

This fashion show featured the Toronto Dymes models at the Motorcycle Supershow 2015 in Toronto.
Styles International Fashion Show_2015-24.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-36.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-12.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-34.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-20.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-16.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-28.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-11.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-25.jpg Styles International Fashion Show_2015-19.jpg

Fashion captured (Dufferin Mall)

Toronto fashion Week 2014 Dufferin Mall hired these beautiful models to allow us street photographers to take photos of professional models. They came around every hour. Thank you, Dufferin Mall.
Dufferin Mall Models (15).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (3).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (25).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (11).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (7).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (19).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (2).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (16).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (10).jpg Dufferin Mall Models (6).jpg

Faces of Fashion Week 2014

A closer look at the beautiful people attending fashion week in Toronto
Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-28.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-45.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-48.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-53.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-12.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-42.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-51.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-22.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-16.jpg Faces of_TO_Fashion Week 2014-33.jpg

Candid look at Fashion Week In Toronto 2014

A Candid look at one afternoon at Fashion Week Toronto. This was my first time attending a fashion week event. In Toronto's usual fashion (pun intended) there were lots to photograph. I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't expect to have so many photographic opportunities. There were models and fashion show visitors all dressed up and willing to indulge the many photographers. Thanks for the photo ops!
TO_Fashion Week 2014-22.jpg

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