Working with models is relatively new for me, still learning how to light and pose a model.

It’s difficult to find an event featuring cars, trucks or bikes without beautiful promotional models being there as well. It would be wrong not to share.

Photo studio work

Occasionally I get the opportunity to attend photography workshops and work with professional model and photographers. It’s a great learning experience and not to mention lots of fun.

I’m always looking for people to photograph, if you live in the GTA and want professional looking photos, email me at

Models and Bikes 2015

Modeling with bikes at the Motorcycle Supershow 2015
MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-27.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-40.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-12.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-32.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-21.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-17.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-33.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-11.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-28.jpg MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-20.jpg
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