Candid Photography

What is a candid photo?

A photograph captured mostly in motion, without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.

Why I love candid photography?

By far the most interesting thing I find are people, people are unique and similar at the same time.

Many of us spend hours people watching it helps us validate our own existence and behaviours.

I don’t mean criticize or make fun of.  I’m mean watch and learn from other people’s journeys through life. Accepting the differences and the similarities to our very own existence.

Behaviours that have been passed on by the roots of our origins or by our parents wisdom or lack there of.

There are so many  influences that are shaping how humans behave. Such as religion, politics, social media, music,film and television. These influences shape humanity, for better and for worse.

There are two stories behind my photos, the subject’s and mine. Only one is mine to tell.

Please enjoy the moments I have captured of complete strangers, simply because caught my attention.

Candid Street Fashion

The streets are filled with people expressing themselves with their fashion sense. When something catches my eye, I snap. Yes, its as simple as that.
NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (65).jpg ROG_2211.jpg RIF_1516.jpg RIF_0176.jpg RIF_1644.jpg ROG_2232.jpg RIF_1567.jpg ROG_1944.jpg NBA_All_Star_Weeked_Toronto_2016  (58).jpg ROG_2192.jpg

A Candid Day in Toronto, December 5, 2015

One of the warmest Decembers on record. Torontonians enjoy the outdoors regardless but certainly helps that one is freezing to death while enjoying the winter months. Here are a few candid photos of people enjoying the skating rink at Nathan Phillip Square.
Decembe_2015_In_TO-31.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-44.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-35.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-51.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-22.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-13.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-56.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-11.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-15.jpg Decembe_2015_In_TO-41.jpg

Car Troubles?

Here is a collection of car accidents I see in my travels. I wish the best to all parties involved. Someone's accident is another's photo opportunity.
Truck roll over (1).jpg Car Accident North Service rd- Grimsby (1).jpg Van Flip over QEW 05-22-15 (2).jpg Locked Brakes (1).jpg Truck roll over (2).jpg Car Accident North Service rd- Grimsby (2).jpg Pole other thing (1).jpg Squeezed in (2).jpg Rescue.jpg Squeezed in (1).jpg

Toronto Argonauts Fans

the Argolifer Fans, who were equipped with drums,horns,cow bells, flags and most importantly their love for the Argos and the sport.
RIF_1159.jpg RIF_1169.jpg RIF_1033.jpg RIF_0920.jpg RIF_0916.jpg RIF_0924.jpg RIF_1079.jpg RIF_1174.jpg RIF_1170.jpg RIF_0923.jpg

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