I don’t always understand the art, but I always appreciate the artist’s artistic expression. These pages are dedicated to those who colour outside the lines.

An artist once quoted me Leonardo da Vinci; “Art is never finished, only abandoned”  

This really resonated with me, because he had to pull himself away from the art or else he wouldn’t stop adding little touches. Each time me added something it looked better, but I didn’t know it before he did it. Truly inspiring.

Lawrence Underpass Mural 2015

Essencia Art Collective Bruno Smoky Shalak Attack Fiya Bruxa
ROG_4729.jpg ROG_4696a.jpg ROG_4770.jpg ROG_2868.jpg ROG_5223.jpg ROG_4717.jpg ROG_4738.jpg Lawrence underpass-26.jpg ROG_5212.jpg ROG_4768.jpg

JessGo Art at TiFF 2014

Jessica Gorlicky painted live during the film festival. Jessica painted on a revolving canvas. She wowed on lookers with her talent and positive personality. She paused for photo ops but didn't miss a stroke. check out her work at:
RIF_5996.jpg RIF_6003.jpg RIF_6001.jpg RIF_5995.jpg RIF_5999.jpg RIF_6626.jpg RIF_5998.jpg RIF_4576.jpg RIF_6000.jpg RIF_5997.jpg

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