Counting Down to Tiff T-1

Tomorrow is the official start to The Toronto International Film Festival 2015 which marks the 40th year.

I will end my countdown posted with a dedication to those who work so hard during Tiff. I spoke with many last year and they mentioned 12  to 16 hour days. (some even longer). Regardless of the amount of hours, time away from their loved ones and on their feet for countless hours, many approach the fence holding in the fans with smiles. They ask us if we got good shots or autographs of our favourite  stars. The provide us with as much info as the are permitted to and ask us to act like Canadians and be civil with one another and not push on the fence. Which we oblige for the most part. I want to send out a special shout out to those at the Prince of Wales theatre, they are exceptional each and every Tiff.

Mission Control

Working Tiff (9) (Large) Working Tiff (1) (Large)

Working Tiff (8) (Large) Working Tiff (7) (Large)

The red carpet is this way

Working Tiff (10) (Large)

The drivers and Celeb protectors

Working Tiff (2) (Large) Working Tiff (17) (Large)

Working Tiff (14) (Large) Working Tiff (12) (Large)


Working Tiff (4) (Large)

The exhibitors, keeping the crowds entertained.

Working Tiff (16) (Large)
Jessica Gorlicky 




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