Anime North

Anime North 2015 _Cosplayers

In this album you will find cosplayers I was lucky enough to have captured at Anime North 2015. Trust me when I tell you there were tons I didn't get. Thank you to all those who posed for me, love your costumes. A special shout out to those of you who made your costumes, they are amazing! As always, if you want your pic in high resolution, send me an email.
Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-181.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-104.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-135.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-47.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-21.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-167.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-59.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-192.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-125.jpg Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-27.jpg