ComiCon 2016 – Full body Shots

Just uploaded the full body photos from last weekend’s Toronto ComiCon. Lots of great costumes. Thanks for posing email me the photo name to if you want your ¬†high resolution photo emailed to you.

Click here for album

ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-87

ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-85 ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-55

lots more check out the album, share with friends too

ComiCon 2016 - Full Body

Here's a look at the full body shots of the cosplyers attending Toronto ComiCon 2016.
ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-95.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-81.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-24.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-61.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-56.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-84.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-86.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-75.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-93.jpg ComiCon_2016_Full_body Shots-90.jpg

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