#ComiCon 2015 – Full Body Shots

Once again the halls of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) were filled with life size Comic Book, Anime, Video game  and Sci-fi characters. Brilliant colours and cool props made these photo OPs lots of fun. As always I get to see my photog buddies and meet some new ones.  As I have mention before meeting people at these events is always my favourite part of going. Getting some great photos is the icing on the cake. Once again I want to thank all those who posed for photos. If you see yourself and want a copy, just let me know.  candidtoronto@gmail.com

Click Here for the photo album

Here’s a taste of what is in the album

ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-78 ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-91

ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-132 ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-10

ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-14 ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-25

ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-41 ComicCon_Full_Body_2015-54

Lots of cool pick still in post production, stay tuned. Click image below to see High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo


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