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Cold Creek County  performed at the Festival of Friends August 9th 2015.

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Like the hit “Our Town” this band sounds and performs great!

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-26 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-29

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-35 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-22

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-24 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-25

A high octane performance by these five member band, featuring old school rock and roll stage antics with the fabulous country sound I love.  There’s no doubt that these guys are headed towards great status in the Canadian Music scene. Yes my friends, more homegrown talent.

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-48 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-49

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-54 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-65

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-67 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-76

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Josh Lester before his show,  like most of Canada’s talent Josh was walking the grounds meeting and signing autographs with fans who were waiting his performance. He is such a super nice guy. We are looking forward to seeing them again at the CNE Band Shell September 6th.

Josh tuning his guitar during sound check
Josh Lester tuning his guitar during sound check
Josh Lester entering the stage to begin concert
Josh Lester entering the stage to begin the concert. The evening sun and the smoke made for a cool effect.

Read more about these guys and how they got the band name.

Click here for photo album


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